M100 is an all-herbal health supplement for men. Its formula is used by the Royal families from the Qing Dynasty to enhance the "Yang" (male energy), which contains the most precious and refined natural raw ingredients grown in Highland.

M100 can invigorate the kidneys rapidly, improve general health, slow down aging, increase the energy level substantially, and enhance performance at work and at play.



Reliable brand quality assurance for over 12 years.

Remarkable product efficacy proven by clinical trials.

Refined and precious natural raw materials grown in Highlands.



A box of M100 has 4 capsules (400 mg/ capsule)

We recommend to take 1 capsule per day for 2-3 consecutive days.

For consistent enhancement of men's health, M100 can also be taken as a daily supplement or on a need basis (1 capsule at a time). Maximum 3 capsules per day.



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Recommended Retail Price / Box: HK$580


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Delivery occurs in 5-7 business days after you place your order, pending stock availability and payment verification.

We charge shipping fee of HK$15 (for US cities) and HK$30 (for others) for purchase less than HK$800.

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I do not have any urinary problems. I will talk about what happen after I start on M100.

The first day after I took M100, I have the same feeling as Viagra, Cialis and other kinds of aphrodisiac. The effect of M100 is more natural while the effects of other aphrodisiac are strong and immediate.

By the third day, I can still have pleasurable experience. On the seventh and eighth day of M100, I felt young again, like in my younger time with morning erection phenomenon.

Upon completion of the ten day course of taking M100, I can feel a significant improvement of my sexual encounters. Two to three times a day in no longer a problem for me.

When I first saw the M100, I wondered why this pill is a black color capsule.

I took my first dose at morning, and for a long time I do not feel anything.

I took another capsule the next day and nothing happened except some flushing of my face. I was wondering if this M100 is effective at all.

On the third and fourth day I continued to take M100, both nights I felt I have sexual arousal and have a wet dream on the fourth night.

I continued to take M100, by the eighth night I have to go to a spa to release my energy.

(PS: I do not have a girlfriend).

I stop taking M100 after the ninth night.

All in all M100 has helped me with strong sexual arousal impulses. During the day, I felt full of energy and young again.

After taking M100, my friends are telling me that I look youthful and full of energy,. M100 is like Sibu somewhat as it makes me feel physically strong, not afraid of cold or prone to get sick. M100 also makes me feel very energetic even when I am very busy. Now I can go the Disco weekly. Work hard daily and make my girlfriend happy and very satisfied with long lasting sexual performance.

M100 is definitely one product that really ‘performs’ as advertised!  I did’t think I had any performance problems, but after using M100 and experiencing the “enhanced” performance, I know what I was missing!